GO365 and Samsung Health not syncing, again.

Discussion created by Aka201284345766 on Jun 17, 2019
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Once again, GO365 and Samsung Health are not talking to each other. My Samsung Gear Fit syncs with my phone and SHealth just fine. Right now, I have nothing sync'd since June 7, 2019. The first week of June had nothing sync'd for over a month.
Again, I have uninstalled the GO365 app, removed permissions from SHealth, rebooted my phone, installed GO365, added permissions in SHealth, etc, and so on. This will might get it to sync the from June 7 until today, but there is no guarantee that it will sync tomorrow or any other day. I may even have to go through the whole ordeal of removing, rebooting, installing and adding all over again (sometimes a few times) before it starts to sync.

I'm really beginning to wonder how many of my co-workers might have reached silver status or higher, only to be stuck at bronze b/c they have no idea they might be missing weeks or months of steps.

I've seen so many of these posts from Android, Apple and Samsung users and it's always the same answer. 

We're working on it. Please jump through these hoops until the app is fixed

Just fix the app already.