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Biased activities

Question asked by 7HULL8J656K3T1 on Jul 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by go365admin2

As a person with spinal trauma I find your activities for point earning in go360 very biased.  What makes it more unfair is that if I am not able to earn the top level of points, I lose money from my paycheck, as my employer only covers the standard premium and to have it all covered I would have to reach platinum status.  

I have horses that I ride daily, which is the only reason I am not paralyzed at this moment, as the strength in my legs from riding allowed me to go through the vigorous physical therapy that I had to do on a regular basis to be able to walk after a bad epidural for pain control which left me paralyzed from the thigh down in both of my legs for several months with residual numbness and paralysis in my ankles and feet.  I can’t run marathons,Swim, play organized sports due to my severe pain, however I can groom and ride my horses which takes everything I have out of me on some days.  I assure you that this is more of a workout for me than an active runner going for a jog.    The elderly with physical issues and young people as myself who try their absolute best to maintain a normal life should not be segregated against because you program only included organized team sports, running, biking, etc... to earn points in quantity large enough to reach status other than basic.  I am as fit as I can possibly be with my condition but I can’t do a half marathon- yet an all day horse show or endurance ride that takes all day, sometimes two and leaves me spent for days does not count?  How is this fair?  Your program is biased trades the elderly, differently abled and handicapped.  I have addressed this several times before and get a generic “sorry but we don’t consider those active sports” type answers each time.  I do not understand how a company encouraging heath and wellness can dismiss a large group of people who have to do alternative activities to maintain their health when some of the things you have on there as acceptable are flat out ridiculous- dancing counts but controlling a 3/4 ton animal with your legs and glutes does not? My co worker who has recovered from a stroke is expected to play volleyball to get an insurance discount from our employer?  This really needs to be corrected before more people become upset at the unfairness.  I can go on, but I believe you get my point.  There is more to being active than the traditional millennial stereotypical lifestyle