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Sign in problems

Question asked by Aka22715152464 on Jul 29, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2019 by Aka22715152464

Every device on my network has a problem with the 2-step verification. We can get to the sign-in, enter username and password. The code is then texted to my phone. Once the code is entered and I press continue the website freezes. It will sit there for about 1 minute before going to the "Hey There! This page is undergoing maintenance and will be back soon. Please try again later." screen. When I go back to the home page and try to sign in, as soon as I enter username and password and hit enter it freezes, and doesn't make it to the step for sending the code. If I clear cookies and browser history I can start the whole process over again. This happens on every device in every browser I have tried on my network. I tried bypassing my firewall and still have the issue, so it is not caused by our firewall. 


There doesn't seem to be any issue with the app, or signing in through a browser at other locations. This is a big issue as we are encouraging our employees to participate and it has been very hard for them to even get started.