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Sign in and other technical issues with site

Question asked by gccaligula on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by go365admin7

I tried to take my Health Assessment. I clicked the link to the Go365 Health Assessment in the email, it then for some reason sent me to to login. It would not take my password or username and said I was locked out. I had to call the number in the contact information. What username do I use for I am both a member and an associate, it is not clear at all. I was transferred at least 3 times back and forth before someone could reset my password. It is still not clear what username I am supposed to use for Go365, username(which one?) or email address? It seems that my Go365 login and my login are the same? Then I finally get in to do my health assessment and it will not record any of the sections that I completed. I talked with someone in chat who told me to finish it and it would show up 24-48 hours later. We will see. This nightmare wasted almost two hours of my time. It seems every single year there is some technical nonsense with this site. If you are going to subject users with all this security then make sure it works before  you put it in to production and be very, very, crystal clear about what username you are looking for. We seem to have a different username fore every portal Humana uses, which is ridiculous.