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Go365 and Samsung Health will no longer allow me to disconnect/reconnect to update steps.

Question asked by Aka148121539347 on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by go365admin7

For the last few months, the only way I can get my steps to updated is to go into app permissions of Go365 and Samsung Health and disconnect/reconnect both. Usually about 30 minutes after I do so, my steps update. Now, neither app will let me complete the disconnect. I click the slider to off, save it, and when I go back in, the slider is still in the on position. It's this way for both Go365 and Samsung Health. The disconnect pane is now a half-page pop-up in front of the screen, instead of a full screen by itself. If they did an update to either or both of these programs, the functionality has been broken. It's really frustrating. I've already seen the announcement about trying to fix the issue (so no need to link it here), but I haven't seen anyone detailing this exact aspect of the problem, so I wanted to make sure you Go365 folks know exactly what is going wrong on my end.