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My site seems to be missing things. I can’t find chat option and last week my fitbit died that was a year old that I got here so two days I only had half days points. However I had my iPhone in pocket at same time. I can screenshot and send if someone can

Question asked by Aka81018022219 on Sep 12, 2019
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My dashboard is missing things. I can’t click on challenges, daily workouts is blank,no chat or email option  there is another box blank. My fitbit ionic quit working last week. It was earned last year. It won’t hold charge so I only got half a day steps two days in a row. My iPhone was in my pocket and I can screenshot my steps from those days to prove what I did. How to I call on fitbit? It should have lasted longer that that. Please email me or call me so I have an idea what to do. My number is XXXXXXXXXX. It’s best to send a quick email first because I don’t answer numbers I don’t know. Ty have a great day!