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Awry? Beacon check-in, Virtual Coach (again), Daily Health Quiz....Points are not being rewarded

Question asked by Hoosier75 on Oct 10, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2019 by go365admin2

1. Virtual Coach did not get points awarded to week of October 7, 2019.  Yes, it's been 48 hours since Tuesday.

2. Daily Health Quiz points are not being rewarded on a regular basis since September 9, 2019. Yes it's checked in the app currently on "ends in 19 days" and I disconnected and reconnected the account around September 8th.

3. I checked-in with the Beacon through the settings on my go365 app. at my gym. It was checked and went to the grey color on 10-9-19 & the points were not awarded, only received points for 6000+ steps through fitbit.