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My biometric screening results are showing up in my profile but I have not recieved points for it yet.  How can this be remedied?

Question asked by Aka28493249728 on Nov 29, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2019 by go365admin3

My biometric screening results are in my "Detailed Health Report" but I have not been awarded the points for having the biometric screening done.  Additionally, my results are normal so I believe I am to be awarded additional points.  Everyone else from my office has had their points show up except for me, including the people who had it done after I did.  It is my own fault for not contacting you sooner.  I am afraid I have left this too late and I will be losing these 4,000 points as December first is the reset date.  I did not realize you would be closed on Friday 11-29 as well as Thanksgiving Day.  I read that I could manually enter my results to show that I had it done but that would not seem to be the solution for me as my results are already in the system, just not the points.  I do have a photo of the screening paperwork from the facility to show that it matches if that is helpful at all.