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Improve Health Assessment - add "gain weight" option to "how do you feel about your current weight?"

Question asked by Aka7713627636 on Jan 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2020 by go365admin2

I just took my health assessment and was a bit upset by the options to answer the question "How do you feel about your current weight?" The only options available are "I would like to lose weight" and "I'm okay with my weight" (see attached screenshot for exact options). This seems very inconsiderate to those who struggle with being underweight (those with high metabolisms who have trouble building muscle or, even more seriously, those who have struggled with eating disorders and are trying to get healthier!) 


I would highly recommend Humana add options for those who would like to gain weight -- and not just in the health assessment, but also tools that help teach people how to gain weight in healthy ways -- and not be so singularly focused on helping only those that are overweight.