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How can I sign in to Go365 after Humana insurance ends?

Question asked by Aka11518245173 on Jan 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2020 by go365admin3

My employer has changed my healthcare provider as of 1/1/2020, and I still have Go365 Bucks to spend.  According to Go365, I believe I have 3-years to spend them... "It's a great time to go shopping in the Go365® Mall. Here's why: Bucks must be spent within 3 years after the year they were earned. So, you may need to spend before your program year renews." BUT I CANNOT sign in to Go 365 anymore!!

I keep being returned to the Humana site, but there is no link on the Humana site anymore for me to use to get back into Go365.