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Is there no place to manually submit my workouts??

Question asked by Aka261219525270 on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2020 by go365admin3

I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Apparently the only thing it syncs with your app are my steps. However, I like to do other things such as Pilates, swim laps and take other general fitness classes. And although these are ALL tracked on my watch, there is no way for me to get credit for them in your program. It almost feels like your program is biased to people who have money in the first place. Because if someone doesn't have hundreds of dollars to spend on a Garmin and/or if they cannot afford a membership to one of "your" gyms, they are completely out of luck. There needs to be a way to manually enter these things, I agree with some sort of proof of the activity, so that your program can be more inclusive. People don't need more discouragement towards getting healthy such as, "Oh, I'm too poor to participate in any rewards programs. I guess I really am a worthless person not worthy of reward anyway." And that may sound extreme, but as someone who has battled depression and anxiety for over 20 years, that is exactly what it feels like I am being told, and I am more fortunate than most. So imagine how you make others feel...