2-Step Verification Process & Troubleshooting Tips

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The 2-step verification process is an additional layer of security to help protect your personal information and privacy when signing in to your Go365 account.


You’ll set up 2-step verification with an email address that we will verify belongs to you. It can be any email address of yours, it does not have to be an email address currently associated with your account.

Whenever you sign in from a new device, we'll send you a verification code to enter on the sign-in page, along with your username and password.


This is how we can verify it’s really you signing in.


Receiving an error message that your email address is already in use?

  • You will need to utilize a different email. You will not be able to use an email address that is already used by another Go365 member (even family members). Each member must have their own. Free email accounts can be created by many different domains, with a popular choice being Gmail.

Receiving a message that your code is invalid?

  • If you asked for a new code to be sent to you, all previous codes automatically become invalid. It is very important that you are always entering the most recently received code, and it must be entered within five minutes of the request being made.
  • After 5 codes have been sent to you, you will need to start the sign-in process over again
  • Delete all previous verification emails received, close out of browser and email, clear cookies, and try again.
  • Attempt using another Internet browser (Internet Explorer is preferred)
  • Be sure you are not closing out of the verification page when you leave to get the verification code from your email inbox. This will cause you to need to start the process over.

Unable to sign-in using touch ID?

  • Manually enter username (not an email address) and password
  • Delete the mobile app, restart your phone, reinstall the app, and try again
  • 2-step will need to be successfully set-up before you can begin using fingerprint/ touch ID


Not receiving the verification emails?

  • Verify that you are entering the correct username and password during sign-in (you can use the “forgot username” link in the sign-in screen to retrieve your username)
  • Add donotreply@accounts.humana.com as a saved contact within your email account; this may help the emails to be received, or received more quickly
  • Be sure to check your spam and/or junk folder within your email account
  • Ensure there is not a firewall, or other security, preventing the emails from being received. This is typical with work accounts; you can check with your IT department.
  • If you have previously “unsubscribed” from Humana emails, you will need to utilize a different email account to complete the 2-step process.
  • If for any reason you need to change your email address (or telephone number) for this process, please contact customer service.


Pending TFA Registration error is received?

  • Verify that you are entering the correct username and password during sign-in
  • If so, you will need to contact customer service, and we will get this corrected for you.


Missing boxes to enter username and password on sign-in screen, or the box to enter the verification code?

  • Attempt using a different Internet browser (Internet Explorer is preferred)
  • Use a different device – members often have better luck using the web browser on a smartphone, if they are experiencing this problem

Device is not being remembered/prompted to complete 2-step at each sign-in?

  • Be sure you are selecting “remember this device” when completing the process
  • Ensure that your browser is not auto-clearing cookies
  • If mobile app, delete the Go365 app, power off your phone for at least one minute, restart phone and reinstall the Go365 app
  • If none of the above resolved your concern, please know that there is a fix going into place shortly. This fix is specific to Android devices and will be implemented before the end of March 2020.