Why did you take away my 750 bonus points for taking the early health assessment ?non

Discussion created by Aka4122103894 on Jan 29, 2020
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On January 1,2020 I got the 750 bonus points and bucks for taking the health assessment and UKfCU my employer said if we had gotten them they would not be taken away due to you changing the rules.  Well that was a lie because you took them away yesterday when I should have reached GOLD status!  This is not fair and I want my points and bucks back.   I will be contacting my HR department about this!  

Go365 continues to make it near impossible to get points and bucks and keep them.  I have worked extremely hard to reach GOLD status by the end of January.  You have not given me points for several conversations I took and now taking away these bonus points.  You make one not even want to try!  I can't wait for time to retire and not have to deal with your crap!

stephanie Brady

employee with UKFCU