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Cannot log into browser, "There are errors in your form, please try again"

Question asked by Aka1022334275 on Feb 23, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by go365admin2

Although I am able to log into the app, I cannot log into the browser.


Here's what happened... I've logged into the app and do not see my points. (This is frustrating to continually track points down.) People have suggested to go into the app... as points are not always posted correctly in the app. I've tried SEVERAL times today to log into the browser... allowing time in between just in case the site is down again. And I'm still unable to log into the browser. (More frustrating.)


These reward points are to be motivating... and not frustrating that we cannot trust they will occur. 


Please advise what I need to do to log into the browser. I need to see why my weekly food diary and sleep activity and weight log points didn't get included... though I did get points for 1 of them... but the app doesn't show which one.