Go365 2-Step Verification Fix for Android Phones

Discussion created by Aka4482348582 on Feb 28, 2020
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- Please see the attached PDF for complete instructions on how to Fix the 2-Step Verification.

- Make sure you follow the instructions in a complete order.  You cannot pick or choose which items you want to go first in order or which items you want to "try".... you have to complete this in order.

- Make sure you open the Go365 web page in "Google Chrome", not Microsoft Explorer! (Hello Android phone & Google go hand in hand).

- Make sure you are able to receive text from "6 digit phone numbers".  I helped a Co-worker that has T-Mobile and she could not get the security code because it was blocked by T-Mobile ( "6 digit phone number prohibited).  She had to call Customer Care (1-800-937-8997) to have them unblock that feature.

- I really hope this helps you!  It helped me and several of my co-workers fix this issue.