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Anyone else having problems getting into the app after the update?  Everytime there is an update, something doesn't work.

Question asked by Aka172103538795 on Mar 1, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2020 by go365admin6

I couldn't use the app until I did the mandatory update.  Now, when I go to log into the app it says I need to confirm my device by inputting a code sent to my e-mail.  No changes there.  But, when I leave the app to go to my e-mail to get the code to confirm, returning to the app starts the whole process over.  It takes me back to the login screen, tells me I need to confirm, sends new code, I leave app to get code, come back, have to login again, sends new code...  The only way around this, is not to access the confirmation e-mail from my phone.  Meaning, I have to be near a computer to use the app.  That kind of defeats the purpose of the app.  Anyone else having this issue?  Support (online chat) is currently offline.