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Fitbit Charge 3 not pairing- know issue with Fitbit and no end in sight

Question asked by Aka182123611754 on Mar 2, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2020 by go365admin6

have a Fitbit Charge 3 that was ordered in January through the Go365 mall. It worked completely for about 2 weeks and now it will sync but it will not pair to my iPhone. I have discussed this with Fitbit twice and they tell me it’s a known issue and don’t have a fix for it. Fitbit said “I could get a refund if it’s within the first 45 days after purchasing”. I said I really don’t want a refund, I like the device except this one has stopped working properly and could they sent me a replacement. They said “no because this is a known issue”. So I asked for a refund and they said “no that I would have to contact my healthcare provider because that is who it came through”. I have tried everything that has been asked to reset, reconnect, reboot and reinstall this pos and it’s not happening. I have been patient and polite and now I see there are more of us having issue with the Charge 3. Fitbit is still selling them even though they have a “known issue” and no fix. Go365 is telling us to contact Fitbit who I have been getting nowhere with. So my question is this...If Fitbit won’t stand behind their product and Go365 says contact Fitbit, How in the hell are we supposed to get the refund, replacement or support that we deserve as paying consumers when all we get is the complete run around?