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Fitbit does not accurately sync no matter what the moderator says to these questions.

Question asked by Aka205142640349 on May 4, 2020
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by go365admin2

I have not had an accurate step count the entire dash, which is well over the 48 hours it says it takes to accurately to post. I have synced my Fitbit constantly, I have connected it over and over to go365, all for it to update, but it's never exactly right, and it's constant. I have another challenge that isn't Humana related, or Fitbit related and the syncing is constant. No need for all of this hassle. So is the problem Humana to Fitbit? It isn't Fitbit itself, but that Humana just doesn't get along? This multiple system issue seems to be a nightmare for this platform, so should we a switch to something else. It isn't fun in the slightest to do the dash with competitive people and have this constantly happening when their device does not have the same issue.


Please do not respond by saying the 48 hour waiting period. I'm well past that window, this isn't a "you're too impatient" issue.