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If I am in my Go365 app or website when nightly system update happens, will it cause my acct update to be missed, at least temporarily?  If so, what TIME are updates run?

Question asked by 7TOWE8R268S0T on May 7, 2020
Latest reply on May 8, 2020 by go365admin2

         I've had a few sleepless evenings when I've been in my Go365 app (Android) or the website for a late and/or long duration.  The next day my steps have not updated (maybe even a couple of days later;  example 4/27,  and  5/2 when I didn't get complete credit for 1 of 2 challenges).  I got to wondering if the steps didn't update because of me possibly being in my account when the Go365 system was running it's update on accounts which may have caused it to skip my open account.  So by when do I need to get all my steps synced and put pause on my inquiries/viewing my Go365 stats so that I don't miss out on a timely update of my activity completions being logged into your system?  And how long does it take to do a system update?   And if this IS the reason for the non- or delayed- posting/update of steps, perhaps  Go365 could put up a message  alerting user that  "systems are currently being updated; checking your account at this time, could cause a delay or incomplete posting of your activities"  or  "the system is down for nightly updates, please check back in 1 hour"???    

          About XX/XX/XXXX, when I didn't get complete credit for 1 of 2 challenges (excited I was able to have 2 challenges concurrently!), I'm still baffled that the "UUMCMayWalk" posted as closed/completed on the following day, but "walking miles" didn't file as completed for 3 days, which is what usually happens.  That caused some of my challenge co-workers not to get points posted. Mine were incomplete, but theirs didn't post at all.  The sooner they(we) reach Gold status, the better it is for them/us via employer benefits.  (Thankfully a Go365 rep was able to adjust my walk total for XX/XX/XXXX to the correct step total of 16,068 steps--per Fitbit-- for the date and for the "walking miles" challenge.  But the "UUMCMayWalk" that I initiated had already closed & was in the completed tab, so my incomplete # of steps were listed 8,225--when I was really the first place stepper in that challenge.)