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Points are not syncing correctly

Question asked by Aka234162530432 on May 24, 2020
Latest reply on May 27, 2020 by Aka234162530432

My points for steps & a Health IQ quiz are not syncing correctly. On May 22nd I walked 16,000 steps and was only given 5 points. I also took the daily quiz on May 22nd and was not given those 2 points either. I resynced my Fitbit on the 23rd hoping that would fix it and it hasn’t yet. After re-syncing, the app added points for steps & Health IQ quiz for the 23rd but didn’t add remaining points from May 22nd. I added a screenshot of all points awarded on the 22nd and a screenshot from Fitbit app showing how many steps I took. I also have 0 points for steps taken on May 8th, but I should have 4 points for 4,000 steps. I attached a screenshot of Fitbit confirming that as well. Please help me get the missing 17 points for these things. Thank you!