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Please FIX Apple Health

Question asked by aka11323268967 on Jul 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by go365admin6

Please FIX Apple Health - Last June , I switched from Gamin Forerunner Watch to Apple Watch. I made this switch because I assumed that Apple Health would send Calories burned and Heart rate numbers to Go365 and I would get a ton more workout credit. This is not the case. The Apple Watch/Apple Health only gives you credit for Daily Steps. The past 4 years I have easily earned Platinum Status with Humana Go365 using the Garmin Forerunner watch. This year I will be lucky to earn Silver status and I will be forced to go back using my Garmin Watch to earn Points with Go365. The Apple Watch is way to advanced and Popular to not be giving people more credit with Go365. Please FIX THIS ISSUE!!