Cannot Login Company Wide

Discussion created by Aka257171018108 on Jul 31, 2020
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Across our entire network, we are having issues with users trying to login through go365.com/logon. Once the users put in their credentials the website freezes and then ends up redirecting to a maintenance page after a period of time.


We have ruled out web filtering through completely disabling it and testing.

We have ruled out it being a browser-specific issue as we have tried in IE, Chrome, Firefox, and the Chromium Edge.

We have ruled out it being associated with OpenJDK and/or Coretto, as we have tried it both with these alternatives installed and uninstalled to the same effect.

We have been able to get logged in with varying degrees of success when using personal devices instead of domain joined devices, but have thus far been unable to pinpoint this down to a specific root cause.


We have read through several forum posts and see that this seems to be a fairly common issue, but the resolution doesn't ever appear to be posted in the forum. It always seems to move to "We'll message you directly", so we haven't been able to use any suggestions made by the forum.


We would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Thank you!