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No points were awarded for completing the same recommended activity twice within the program year

Question asked by Aka271211525867 on Aug 5, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2020 by go365admin6

I completed the recommended activity “Learn More About Healthy Eating” earlier this year. After a while, Go365 created the same recommended activity again. I remembered that the instructor (of the Nutrition Managemet Course) recommended I take the course again so I started the activity and went through the course and completed the activity again. However, this time I didn’t receive any points even though it explained I would receive 340 points upon completion. (I believe that was the amount of points noted. I remember it was higher than the last time. After I completed the activity, it disappeared so I could be wrong about the amount of points.) I kind of understand I am not receiving the points again for finishing the course. But, I feel I should be awarded for completing the activity. I consulted about this via chat with a Humana representative a week ago and was told I should receive points within 72 hours or so, but no change. Please provide me with the clarification on this matter.