You or a friend? Health awareness reminders...

Discussion created by Aka291110562493 on Sep 26, 2016

I am sharing a great website that I found for reminders regarding monthly health awareness topics- https://www.welcoa.org/health-observances

Ovarian cancer is one of the topics for September. As any of you that have personally experienced this devastating diagnosis or have someone close to you
who has, this is, and will continue to be, an area needing much attention and research. I found that the Mayo Clinic has up-to-date and great material for many health concerns, including Ovarian cancer-


Lastly, there are many resources that offer support and guidance for those diagnosed or just that support person wanting to further understand this sly monster of a disease that way too often is undiagnosed until the late stages. I will add this final website that is a great resource for ovarian cancer http://www.ovariancancer.org/


***I had to throw in that September is also prostate cancer awareness month, so ladies, if there is a male in your life that you want to share this with-yes, I know that men are not the easiest to convince to get their check-ups, then please share this monthly awareness topic and push-‘til they tip over, and go see their doc for this very important wellness visit.